The 360 Goes Where No One Has Gone Before

Yes sir. This car is fully equipped with surround sound stereo, CD player, GPS, automatic positioning seats and a Xbox 360. Will that be cash or charge? A car dealer may soon offer you the latest in video game consoles for your car. Sound a little bit outlandish? The reality of this is almost here. Microsoft and Nissan of North America have designed a working game system within an automobile. No, we’re not joking. Safety issues aside, this may be of some interest to the truly addicted video gamer. Nissan has produced a concept car with an onboard Xbox 360. So, you ask, what game is installed on the car? Project Gotham Racing of course. And no, we’re not joking. The Nissan Urge, the name of the concept car, will make its debut at the 2006 North American International Auto Show on January 9, 2006. Why did Nissan think of putting such a device in an automobile? According to Bruce Campbell, vice president of design for Nissan America, Nissan conducted an Internet survey of 2,000 echo boomers, a majority of which said technology and gaming are among the most important attributes in their first car. Xbox 360 offered the latest in technology and was already a favorite among this audience.” Gotham Project Racing will utilize the actual controls of the car such as the gas and brake pedals and steering wheel into the racing game. The game action is seen on a flip-down 7 LCD screen in front of the driver. No, we’re not joking. Oh, did we mention that this only works while the car is parked and not while the car is moving? Law enforcement agencies; you can take a breath now. As for me, I’ve always thought it would be kind of cool if I had a hot coffee dispenser in my car. Starbuck’s, are you listening?


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