The DS and PSP torture test. Who comes out on top?

What would happen if you dropped your DS or PSP from 50 feet? How about throwing your handheld against the wall? Not enough torture for you? Ok, how about running down your handheld with a motorcycle? Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. These scenarios and more were conducted by

The site doesn’t review games…but the things that run them; the gaming consoles. In their own words, they say they provide:

"…what every other review is missing. Durability testing, stress testing and extreme situation testing. We take the most popular hardware, including cell phones, laptops, portable gaming devices, cameras, and other portable devices and put them through durability tests, grueling stress tests, and, if they survive, extreme situation tests. The product is then given a durability rating, this can be from 0 – 100."

Ok, enough words, lets get down to what we’ve all been waiting for; the actual videos for the tests. After looking at the videos, it definitely seems that the DS is more well suited to accidental drops then the PSP.

In the final analysis, the DS scored a 87/100 over the PSP’s 65/100 for overall construction, durability and design.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, little children or small animals.


Seven Videos on the DS. Click on the different ones to see the tests.
For the torture test videos on the PSP, cllck on these links for durability, drop tests, and extreme torture tests.



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