The future of 360 games: Mandatory hard drive use

360hddThere now seems to be no justifiable reason why anyone would buy the Core Xbox 360. According to a news article posted by Xbox Family, Microsoft is quietly beginning to change how games are made for their console. 

Instead of requiring titles to run without a hard drive, Microsoft is now making it mandatory all games take advantage of the extra storage space. Future titles requiring the hard drive will have the appropriate logo found on both the front and back of their case.  What does this mean for Core owners?

Since there has been no official word from Microsoft, it can be assumed the batch of games coming out this holiday season will still be able to run without a hard drive present. Beyond Holiday 2007 though is anyone’s guess. There is no doubt however, that by requiring the use of the hard drive, Microsoft could potentially port over some of PlayStation 3’s more powerful games which are currently exclusive to Sony’s machine. The best example of this would be Metal Gear Solid 4.

This could also mean, in the future, that Xbox 360 games are much more ambitious and beautiful. Not being limited by the constraints of ignoring the hard drive could lead to the sky being the limit for the Xbox 360, with some of its first party titles standing up to, if not surpassing, the graphic heavy champions of the PlayStation 3.

[Via Xbox Family]


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