The good, bad and ugly of Nintendo themed weddings

mii weddingThere are a few things in this world that when combined with something else, become a whole new thing that is ridiculously bitchin’.

Some instances of this happening are Peanut Butter and Jelly, a good cop and a bad cop, and…Nintendo and weddings? Well, apparently some people thought so…

For even more Nintendo wedding pictures, check out the original article over at

We really don’t know how widespread this sort of thing is, but we’d venture to say that the attendees at these wedding events are either totally in awe or are wondering if the bride and groom are a few cards short of a full deck. We at GamerNode think it is totally cool.

Disclaimer: Gamernode does not endorse or discourage this type of behavior and cannot be held responsible for any bruises, cuts, scrapes and/or failed relationships that may be the result of discussing this with your future spouse or husband. Geek-out at your own risk.


The Good

nin 1


The Bad

nin 2


The Ugly

nin 3




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