The Great Game OST Battle CHAMPION!!!!

64 games. One champion.

That is what was promised at the beginning of this event. The games that made it into the tournament, the seedings, and the results would purely be decided by you, the gaming public.

We had some upsets, some Cinderellas (including one in the final), but in the end, a true musical powerhouse met all challenges and can truly be declared a champion in gaming music.

That game is…

THE GREAT GAME OST BATTLE CHAMPION: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

It should be fitting that Solid Snake could sneak into the final, get the job done, and sneak out again.

Chrono Cross put up a hell of a fight, and as a 12 seed, took out some heavyweights in the process (Mass Effect, Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario Galaxy), but the orchestal mastery of MGS4 just proved to be too much. Here’s a look at the winning soundtrack, as promised.

Your champion, GamerNodians, is Metal Gear Solid 4.



"Old Snake"

"I’m no hero. Never was, never will be."

The first song gamers hear when the title screen appears. A haunting backdrop of voices and electronic percussion, then joined by a single, solemn guitar. The song gets you prepared for what’s about to come, able to both calm one down or hype one up. The lone guitar is particularly symbolic, for like Solid Snake, it stands alone in the melody, getting the job done all by itself.



"Love Theme"

"War has changed."

The pure emotion in this song is enough to make any grown man cry, particularly when paired with any of the scenes when the song is actually heard. The tense violin in the very beginning creates a heavy, somber sound, which is then strengthened by the terrific voice of Jackie Presti, singing in Arabic.The different instrumental interludes playing the same basic melody all add a different personality to the song: sorrow, serenity, anger, and the list goes on. This song is a masterpiece, one that I could easily expect to have been found in a major motion picture.



"White Blood"

"I am the lightning, the rain transformed."

Raiden’s theme in Metal Gear Solid 4. One that conveys urgency, heroism, and badassery all in one. A full-bodied sound with some electronic instruments helping out. A song that begins with the listener feeling heroic, throws him or her into a state of fast-paced confusion, then returns to the heroic tone before ending. Sounds like the character it represents, no?



"Call Me Hal"

"Why does it always end this way?"

Otacon’s theme, a man shrouded in darkness and sorrow. His grandfather was one of the members of the Manhattan Project. His father was born on the day of the Hiroshima bombing. Otacon himself created Metal Gear REX, the bi-pedal battle tank from the first game. To say that Otacon was destined to be involved with nuclear war is an understatement. Even worse than his destiny is his luck with the ladies. Every woman he cares about ends up dying. This song is the musical embodiment of his inner self: sadness, loneliness, fear. If everyone you loved passed away, wouldn’t you feel a little like this?



"Guns of the Patriots"

"Snake…the time has come."

Can’t have an action game without an action theme, right? This, while not the iconic MGS theme, is the theme of the fourth game, Guns of the Patriots. It starts out with synth and heavy percussion turns into a full symphony of ass-kicking. Gregson-Williams certainly knows how to capture the emotions of an action sequence in his music, he’s been doing it for years, and this is no exception.



"Father and Son"

"This is good…isn’t it?"

Truly one of the best ending scenes ever written. When you think about the scene that this song supports, and the emotion and revelation that happens in it, then there’s no better song to put there than this. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a scene in a movie/game/etc. where the background music fit the context of the scene so well. I could listen to this song for days and days and days, thinking about the ending of one of the greatest sagas ever written. It will be very hard to create an ending theme that will top this, both musically and emotionally. 

There you have it, GamerNodians, a profile of the 1st Annual Great Game OST Battle Champion: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Until next time…

Keep listening. You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t.



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