The Great Game OST Battle RETURNS!!!!

After months of waiting, the GREAT GAME OST BATTLE RETURNS!!!!!!!

To recap:

64 games. One champion. This is the Great Game OST Battle.

We are currently in the second round. If you recall, there are four regions: Midgar, Citadel, Shadow Moses, and Hyrule, all named for the #1 seed in that region (Final Fantasy VII, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid 4, Legend of Zelda: OoT). 

The link to the current bracket can be found here.

Today’s matchup pits four heavyweights against one another, including two Cinderellas of the tournament.

Well, let’s not wait any longer. LET’S GET BACK TO BATTLING!!!!


#4 Metal Gear Solid vs #12 God of War



Can Snake’s first adventure quell the rage of Kratos?



#10 Super Mario Brothers 2 vs #15 Goldeneye 64



Which Cinderella will move closer to the title: Birdo or Bond?



#1 Final Fantasy VII vs #8 Metal Gear Solid 3
#3 Super Smash Brothers Brawl vs #6 Pokemon Red/Blue

After a long absence, we are finally back in business. VOTE NOW!!!!!!


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Jason lives and breathes gaming. Legend tells that he taught himself to read using Wheel of Fortune Family Edition on the NES. He's been covering this industry for three years, all with the Node, and you can see his ugly mug once a week on Hot Off The Grill.

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