The Incredible Machine chugs back to life

The Incredible Machine

Those gamers who pine for the halcyon days of simplistic and intellectual gaming, take heed: one of the most influential games ever made for the PC has made a return in all of its hair-tearing glory. That’s right; The Incredible Machine is back.

Considered to be the forerunner of physics-based puzzle games, The Incredible Machine was released by designer/coder Kevin Ryan and producer Jeff Tunnell during the early 1990s for the (then) fledgling PC gamer community. The game was an instant smash hit with its mind-boggling puzzles and intricate gadgets; who knew that causing a basketball to sail into a hoop via bowling balls, treadmills and mouse wheels could be so fun?

Unfortunately, the property for The Incredible Machine was bounced around in abandonware limbo after publisher Dynamix was closed by its parent company Sierra — which in turn was closed by Vivendi Universal shortly thereafter. Thankfully, the property has found its way into the rightful hands of Tunnell, who co-heads PushButton Labs, a modest game development company.

The bulk of the Incredible Machine series is available for purchase at Good Old Games for $9.99.



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