The Iron Chef game. Is it or isn't it?

Chairman KagaThe famous words, "allez cuisine!" spoken by the chairman of the popular cooking challenge show, Iron Chef, maybe coming to a game console near you, but it seems to be in flux at the moment. 

The game has been appearing and disappearing on GameStop’s website for a while now, and some are wondering if the game will ever see the light of Kitchen Stadium.

However, Spencer Yip of Siliconera did say that the game would be based upon Iron Chef America and not on the original Japanese version of the show. Bummer. It would have been cool to see French cuisine chef Hiroyuki Sakai in the video game.

So all of us looking forward to seeing Chairman Kaga and his brightly attired wardrobe will have to settle for his nephew, Mark Dacasscos, who hosts the American version.

The game will be available for the Wii and DS.

[via joystiq]


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