The PS3 2.00 firmware update. It's looking good

PS3 v2.00 FirmwareThe PlayStation 3 is getting another firmware update and the features included are promising. Nothing in this update sticks out as a stellar addition to the PS3 experience though (think HOME).

Instead it is the combination of all the enhancements which make this update a worthy evolution of the PlayStation 3.

The biggest addition is the Information Board. When activated, news will begin cycling in the top right hand corner while in the cross media bar. Game updates, featured downloads, breaking Sony news, and other miscellaneous items will now be a glance away.

The option to not display this Information Board is available, but Sony highly recommends it to be kept activated, (for obvious marketing reasons).

"You can choose not to display the Information Board, but you never know what you might miss, so I’d recommend keeping it on."

Second on the list is the ability to remotely start up the PlayStation 3 via your PSP to access the media on the system. Remember previously, the PlayStation 3 had to be physically running for the PSP to access the system.

Now the PlayStation 3 can sit in Standby Mode and be activated by the PSP. The media can then be retrieved on the PSP, and the PS3 can then be set back to Standby Mode.

Rounding out the list is the ability to set a visual theme. Themes will be available through the PSN store, and once downloaded, will completely change the look, and feel of the PS3.

These aren’t just wallpaper folks. The icons also change, meshing with whatever background image the theme is based on. While it doesn’t add any functionality, it is a nice feature to be able to switch from the default look and feel.

Two minor updates are also included with several icons being changed and the ability to organize photos and music thanks to custom playlists.

Overall, the v2.00 update is commendable. Nothing earth shattering, but just enough enhancements to warrant a small smile on the faces of all its fans. Personally, the themes are what has me most excited. I can’t wait to see what awesome new ways my PS3 can look when I switch it on every day.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]


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