The PS3 has made it. Woman nabs one in crime spree

Jail timeHow do you know that your console is healthy? No, not the NPD, silly. It’s criminals! Yes, criminals. You see, thieves have no interest in worthless dying products. They only want things that will fetch a high price on eBay or at the local pawn shop.

This is the moral involved with a new story involving a North Carolina woman and credit card fraud. In Cary, North Carolina, a woman swiped some credit cards out of a man’s parked car and proceeded towards the nearest Target location and purchased herself a shiny new PS3, four games, and two ipods.

That must have whetted her appetite for crime, because she then drove to a nearby Best Buy where she purchased a new computer, four more videogames, and an ipod touch.

The woman remains at large.

Ok, so this isn’t exactly the same as the time at the PS3 launch where some kid got shot over the damn thing, but still, she wouldn’t have stolen the thing if there wasn’t a general perception of value in the public eye.

[via Kotaku


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