The Top 5 Mobile Games in 2015

You don’t need a spanking new PS5 with Oculus Rift-all-seeing-all-dancing-virtual-reality-fed-into-your-brain-and-arteries-with-laserbeams to enjoy a good, old-fashioned video game.
As you can see from our top mobile games for this year, there’s fun to be had at the touch of a finger. And if you don’t see anything you like in our list of the top 5 iOS/Android games, don’t worry: there’s probably five zillion more out there for you to choose from.
And no, we haven’t mentioned Angry Birds: Star Wars – we’re better than that.
World of Goo (2D BOY, LLC)

Boasting more awards than you shake a large, amorphous blob at, 2D BOY’s World of Goo appeared in 2014 and swiftly hit the million-install mark.
It’s hard to explain World of Goo other than describing it as the most frustrating and addictive version of Lemmings you’ll ever come across….with blobs of oil instead of suicidal creatures.
The aim is to form a web of gooey Goo Balls up the screen and get as many to escape through the exit as possible. You’ll have to move fast as those gooey structures aren’t amazingly stable and your worlds can come crashing down if you aren’t fast enough.
Addictive Rating: 5
Baldur’s Gate – Enhanced Edition (Beamdog)

With more swords, sorcery and mauling than you can shake a Game of Thrones boxed set at, Baldur’s Gate makes a triumphant march onto a tablet near you.
The ‘enhanced edition‘ of Beamdog’s award-winning RPG looks a little different from its 1998 original, but the adventure, mystery and bad-ass fantasy is enough to keep even the most hardened Dungeons & Dragons fans happy.
Just remember to keep an eye on your data usage and wallet as you pile in with the inevitable in-app purchases.
Addictive Rating: 4.5
Does Not Commute (Mediocre)

Here’s a top-down driving game with a difference. First up, you have to drive your car between two points on the screen.
So far, so easy: but then you have to re-navigate the route driving a different vehicle whilst avoiding the crazy driving of your first attempt. This sequence replays itself until you’ve got a screen full of mad vehicles, all planned out by you!
The key, of course, is to plan your journeys with each vehicle you’re presented with. But each car has its own weight, speed and style of driving, so you need to compensate while making sure that your next car won’t crash into the previous one.
Does Not Commute is free (save the in-app purchases) and at 5 million downloads, you can’t go wrong.
Addictive Rating: 5
Big Fish Casino (Big Fish Games)

Your trusty Apple iPhone or Samsung isn’t just a phone anymore; it’s a veritable pocket casino where you can bet for, and win, real money prizes worth millions.
But for those still wary about gambling with real cash online or via their mobiles, there’s a cracking selection of play-money casino apps doing the rounds.
One of the best is Big Fish Casino, which is supported across lots of devices and boasts solid mobile slots from Big Fish Games. Play familiar table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and rank in international leaderboards to win special credits.
All that’s missing is your tuxedo (or just rock up to the kitchen in your dressing gown and take down another jackpot).
Addictive Rating: 4
Ingress (Google/NianticLabs)

Winner of the 2015 Japanese Media Arts Festival Grand Prize, Ingress perhaps points the way for immersive mobile gaming in the years to come.
Developed in the labs at Google itself, Ingress is a world-conquering puzzler where players use their phones’ GPS and Google Maps to discover energy sources, clues and secret codes ‘hidden’ in the real world.
You can form alliances with anyone playing around the world as you play (do you go for ‘The Enlightened’ who want to embrace a newly-discovered energy source, or join ‘The Resistance’ and defend the last of the humans?) and ‘submit’ sources of energy yourself as you find them walking or driving round your ‘hood.
Addictive Rating: 4


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