The Walking Dead releases webseries to provide information to fans

Glenn helps Lee keep zombies out.

Not much has been seen of Telltale Games’ videogame adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” since San Diego Comic Con, but luckily the developer has decided to let fans in on the game’s progress in video form with the release of a brand new webseries, “Playing Dead.”

The new show’s release is accompanied by the launch of the game’s official website, and the first episode can be viewed in full below. Telltale lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman star in the video, where they discuss exactly when in Rick’s story from the comics their Walking Dead tale takes place.

Picking up while Mr. Grimes is still in a coma, The Walking Dead will follow new characters Lee Everett and Clementine as the two try to survive the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in the Atlanta region. Rodkin and Vanaman have confirmed that the duo will encounter established characters from the comics like Hershal and Glenn, while one of the screenshots included in the video — and viewable below — shows a woman who strongly resembles Lori.

The game will come in five episodes that will release once a month, and choices made in the early episodes will ripple through to future ones and affect later decisions and gameplay options. These won’t be simple choices, as Vanaman and Rodkin stated some of them will be a matter of life and death.

Though it will be realized in full color and not black and white like its comic counterpart, The Walking Dead‘s art style is clearly inspired by and incredibly close to that of the source material. It’s themes will also mirror that of the graphic novel and has the creative blessing of creator Robert Kirkman himself.

More information about The Walking Dead can be found in the full episode.

[The Walking Dead]


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