The Wii gets an IQ boost, Kynapse AI on the way

kynogonEveryone loves good artificial intelligence in their interactive virtual worlds, no? Well, if that is indeed the case, then Wii owners have something new to smile about. Middleware maker Kynogon has announced that the company will be bringing its Kynapse AI technology to Nintendo’s little white box.

Said Kynogon CEO Pierre Pontevia:

"Wii is a remarkable success and we are proud to offer Kynapse to Wii game developers. The unique capabilities of Wii allow developers to produce creative forms of gameplay that require innovative AI. Kynapse has been selected by a very significant number of industry leaders for the development of AAA titles. With Kynapse, we feel Wii developers have another critical tool in their hands that helps them unleash the real magic of the Wii system."

Exactly when we will see the behind Crackdown, Medal of Honor: Airborne, and the upcoming Fable 2 on the Wii is uncertain, but the company says that at least two development studios have begun projects that will make use of it. Who those studios are remains a mystery.

Here’s to hoping more companies get on board, because baddies who just stand around after getting shot in the face are only fun for so long.


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