Third-party developers shouldn't fear the Wii

nintendowiiEven though the Wii has been selling like hotcakes, some fears arose that only Nintendo is enjoying the success of the console, while third-party Wii game developers are getting the short end of the stick; recently, these comments were echoed by Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens.

But never fear, Nintendo responded to these claims that Nintendo’s first-party games are nabbing all the spotlight; over on Developmag, the big N use the reasoning that since they have both hardware and software development teams under its roof, collaboration between the two teams was inevitable.

"When we develop new hardware at Nintendo, we do so as collaboration between the hardware development teams and the software development teams. Our software sales percentage is currently high because our internal teams know the Wii’s special characteristics best, and they started development quite a bit before the Wii’s release."

While Nintendo’s first-party developers have developed a majority of the first batch of Wii games, the DS has hit a different milestone.

"We identified the same thing in the DS’ first period, and the situation continues to change little by little. For the Wii too, we believe that as time passes, the proportion of high-selling titles that come from our licensees will increase."


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