Thompson is pulled in by US Marshals

Jack ThompsonThe Master of Disaster is at it again! It now seems as if the US government is counting Jack Thompson as a potential threat; with the US Marshals meeting with him after an extremely over-the-top sarcastic letter.

Yes, you read right. US Marshals were sent to the attorney’s house by the US government! So why did the US government suddenly take interest in Thompson?

Well, it seems old Jackie, reacting to the "fact" that Al-Qaeda terrorists in Guantanamo Bay have more rights than he does, did the sensible thing and wrote to Chief Judge Federico Moreno.

He said, "I guess my ‘mistake’ was not killing 3000 people to make my point…" Yep, bringing up the notion of mass murder to a Chief Judge in a time of terrorist activity is totally cool, like saying that you should join the Westboro Baptist church at a gay rally.

Thompson’s overly sarcastic remark granted him a visit from the feds, who obviously took the remark, as any person would, without sufficient knowledge of Thompson’s mind, as an open threat to the security of the US.

And you never want to incite that feeling in the Marshals. In usual Thompson manner, he responded to the affair in a rambling letter that goes in circles and gets nowhere fast. Here are some excerpts:

"The notion that I pose some sort of physical threat to you or to the judiciary or to anyone else down here is a cruel joke. The two Marshals said, ‘If you had actually hand-delivered the letter to Judge Moreno, we would be concerned.’ To that I said, ‘But I did.

"I did that last week because the gentlemen at the metal detectors would not deliver it, and THEY TOLD ME TO DELIVER IT TO YOU. I buzzed into your inner offices on the thirteenth floor, and I politely handed the letter to your clerk, who politely took it.’

"If I were a danger to anyone, that would have been the time for me to have proven it, right? In fact, I have never threatened anyone in my entire life, and you know that, and the Marshals said they knew that. They were apologetic about being dispatched to my home. This is outrageous, Judge. Simply outrageous."


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