TimeFly Studios forms. Promises games with great gameplay

A new game development company by the name of TimeFly Studios has recently formed. According to their president, Dennis Booth, TimeFly will be commited to producing games which deliver great gameplay first and spectacular graphics and sound second.

A worthy cause I’d say, but when the same press release boasts about their involvement in the Pixar Cars game, you can’t help but be worried.

Also, I feel the studio is downplaying the importance of a good soundtrack. I’m not a graphics connoiseur by any means, but a game’s musical score is just as important to me as its gameplay. I simply can’t enjoy a game if its music is lackluster even if the gameplay is excellent. It goes both ways, as well. However, if a game has terrible graphics, but excellent music and gameplay, I’ll enjoy it regardless.

That said, it is comforting to see a game development studio putting gameplay first as opposed to other developers boasting and showing off their awesome graphical programming skills. Of course, whether this company can really deliver on their promises has yet to be seen. Here’s hoping, though.


[Via IGN]


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