Tomb Raider 'Turning Point' debut trailer released

Tomb Raider

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have finally given gamers their first video look at the new Lara Croft with today’s release of the Tomb Raider "Turning Point" debut trailer.

The all-CG video is a lengthy three minutes and shows Lara Croft doing her best to survive when things go from good to bad to worse to downright disaster. The entire trailer is voiced in monologue form by Lara herself as she talks of adventure finding her and the depths of human survival.

Going along with what seems to be the very gritty, realistic theme of the game, Lara gets tossed around, beaten up, and nearly drowned on multiple occasions during the trailer. She even finishes up the video painfully mending her wounds, which it appears she will be doing quite often in the game.

The trailer shows the ship Lara sets out on is called the Endurance, a fitting and foreshadowing title. It also gives us glimpses of an older man traveling with Lara on the Endurance who saves her from drowning and tries to catch her at the end of a long jump that goes awry, leaving Lara to plummet into the sea. This man is most assuredly Conrad Roth, Lara’s mentor who’s role was outed when a portion of the game’s script leaked last month.

Tomb Raider looks to have a massive pressence at the Square Enix booth next week at E3 and GamerNode will be there to cover the highly-anticipated reboot.

To see the "Turning Point" trailer in its full HD glory, just take a look below.


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