Top Ten Games/Series That Deserve Sequels

Several gamers say that sequels can ruin a franchise, that they can cause a good game to be bled out for money and profit. However, this past year proves that sequels can actually be capable of restoring franchises and turning them into them powerhouses. Games like Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed II, Mass Effect 2, and Red Dead Redemption all showed that sequels can be a good thing for video games. So with that in mind, here’s a top ten list of video games and franchises that have all gone at least four years without a full-fledged sequel, but deserve one.


10) The Legend of Dragoon


The cult-classic JRPG.

This cult-classic RPG dared to challenge Final Fantasy and almost had what it took to do so. The game had great graphics for its time and interesting gameplay. Unfortunately, bad critical reception combined with Sony timing the game’s release alongside Final Fantasy IX and Crono Cross doomed it. However, fans have petitioned for years that there be a sequel. And with Square Enix seemingly on their heels after a mixed reception to Final Fantasy XIII, now may be the time.




This big nasty in Doom 3 was flat out terrifying.

DOOM 3 was a success when it hit in 2004. The first-person shooter caused several PC gamers to cry out in pain as they shelled out the cash to afford a computer that could be able to run it. Despite its criticisms for not being able to hold a gun and flashlight at the same time, the game was well received. It was a visual masterpiece, the combat was enjoyable and fast-paced, and not having that flashlight on at all times provided for some pretty terrifying moments. The story was also just interesting enough to keep players intrigued. It’s been six years since players have been able to face off against the hordes of hell on Mars. Although id Software is hard at work right now on RAGE, it would be nice to see them return to the franchise that made them what they are once they finish up.


8) Kingdom Hearts


How much more awesome would this fight be with Deadpool or Doctor Doom?

The Kingdom Hearts series has basked in huge success since Disney and Square Enix decided to take their characters and create one of the best crossovers in history. Kingdom Hearts I and II were both great action-RPGs with intriguing and engrossing stories and had all the Final Fantasy/Disney interaction you could ask for. It’s now been four-and-a-half years since the second installment released, with games like 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep hitting the portables since. Now that Disney has bought out Marvel, it would be absolutely ludicrous for these two companies to not want to expand on this crossover explosion with another numbered title. Fans have been practically drooling over the thought since the takeover seven months ago.


7) Star Wars: Battlefront


What was more fun then slaughtering Jedi as clone troopers?

The Battlefront series brought to life the frenzied splendor that made the major battles in George Lucas’ legendary films so wonderful. The combat was face-paced, featured a well-rounded group of classes to choose from, and had a great multiplayer experience. Battlefront II added to the chaos with heroes and villains, which allowed players to wreak havoc on enemy forces or see just what would happen if Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul ever met each other on the battlefield. The inclusion of deep and fun space combat added to the franchise’s already rich gameplay. Players could dogfight it out until reinforcements ran out like in a normal game, or infiltrate the enemy’s capital ship and sabotage it. It’s been five years since Battlefront II, and rumors have swirled about a possible Battlefront III for years. With the relative success of the first two, LucasArts would be crazy to never return to the series for a third installment.


6) Psychonauts


Double Fine and Tim Schafer's critically acclaimed game never got the sales it deserved.

If ever there was evidence that good critical reception does not equal success for a game, Psychonauts is it. The multi-platform platformer garnered as high as a 90% average rating (Xbox) on GameRankings. The game was lauded for its storytelling, humor, and gameplay, and was considered to be Tim Schafer’s greatest creation. Unfortunately, gamers didn’t seem to care. Be it the art style or whatever else, the game sold terribly. Five years have passed since this tragic tale. If ever there was a failed game that deserved a chance at redemption, Psychonauts is it. And if all that’s not enough, the game’s resolution is a natural beginning for a brand new story.


5) Jade Empire


Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. That needs to happen again.

When LucasArts handed Knights of the Old Republic II over to Obsidian, it wasn’t because they didn’t want BioWare to do it. The developer was busy working on a new action RPG, Jade Empire. The game had success with its wonderful setting, interesting characters, and unique martial-arts-styled combat. Unfortunately it was not as successful as KotOR, so BioWare moved on to the juggernaut Mass Effect series. Now they are deep in development on Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but the developer has always entertained the possibility of creating a sequel to this quality game. Perhaps it will finally happen when the studio finishes up their three current projects.


4) Gun


Can a Gun sequel be as fullfilling as Red Dead Redemption? Neversoft should try.

Before Red Dead Redemption came along and proved that Western games can be moneymakers in the videogame industry, Gun was the one example that showed there was at least a chance. The game had loads of potential. It looked great for its time, had solid gameplay, told a promising story, and offered star power from the likes of Thomas Jane and seasoned voice actors Dave Wittenberg and Ron Pearlman. Sadly, the game fell short of the gaming community’s high expectations. The open world felt tiny and boxed in, there wasn’t much to do at all outside of the story, which eventually took a turn towards fantastical fiction, and it generally failed to fully capture that sense of being in the Wild West. Despite all of this, the game was still a solid and well-respected title and could be considered a success. Now that Rockstar has proven that the Old West can be done right, perhaps Activision and Neversoft will cash in with a more fully realized Gun sequel.


3) Suikoden


This long-standing JRPG series has gone too long without a new installment.

The Suikoden series has long been known in the JRPG world as one of Final Fantasy’s biggest contenders. The original and first sequel dared to take on Final Fantasy VI, VII, and VIII. After years of being overshadowed, it developed a cult following and Konami gave three more title installments in 2002, 2005, and 2006. Both Suikoden III and V received favorable reviews and the series had a run as one of the most successful JRPG franchise behind Final Fantasy. The signature rune magic, strategic army combat, duels, 108 recruitable characters, and six-fighter party battles all separated the series from others in the genre. However, Konami has not released any information regarding a sixth installment in the franchise since Suikoden V‘s release. They did release a portable spinoff in Suikoden Tierkreis back in 2009. But as stated earlier with Legend of Dragoon, Square Enix has shown vulnerability with Final Fantasy XIII‘s critical reception and both Versus XIII and Agito XIII caught in what seems like development hell. The time seems right for Konami to bring the series back and perhaps finally dethrone the franchise it has clashed with its entire existence.


2) Half Life


Gordon Freeman needs a new game. Give it to him, Valve.

Even though fans have been satiated with Episode 1 and Episode 2, a titled installment hasn’t been released in over six years. Valve’s signature franchise has been the series to beat when it comes to story-driven first-person shooters for over a decade. When Half Life 2 arrived in 2004, it blew Doom 3 and all other competitors completely out of the water. Its graphics, physics engine, and weaponry was astounding. The gravity gun has since become the template for cheap knockoffs in countless games, and the series also boasts the largest modding community on the planet. It has been over half of a decade since Gordon Freeman had a brand new adventure, and with Valve recently telling fans that they have three big surprises to come, it can be expected that a third installment is finally on the way.

1) Star Wars: Jedi Knight


This classic Star Wars series needs another go. End of story.

At the height of its popularity, the Jedi Knight games were some of the best first- and third-person shooters around. They featured great plots, relatable characters, and were loads of fun to play. That’s not to mention the fact that it was all centered on the Star Wars universe. The games not only had great multiplayer game modes and lots of fun guns to shoot enemies with, but it also had arguably the best lightsaber combat in any Star Wars game to date. The lightsaber gameplay was so good that groups of online players would create guilds and clans specifically designed to work toward mastering the system and becoming the community’s best duelers. The series was also extremely mod-friendly on the PC. Unfortunately, it has not seen a sequel since Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy back in 2003 and it seems like it may have been replaced by The Force Unleashed. But as anyone can learn from Duke Nukem: Forever, never say never. As one of LucasArts’ most successful game franchises, the Jedi Knight games certainly deserve another sequel.


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