Top Ten List: Why the DualShock 3 costs so much

DS3Ok, so we know that the PS3 DualShock 3 rumble controller is coming out in the US. But the price will cause some sticker shock–it’s going to cost $54.99. I was thinking this over while looking at my current PS3 non-rumbling controller and wondered, "Just why is the new one going to cost so much?"

So I decided to put together this Top Ten List of why the DualShock 3 costs so much. Of course these reasons come from my active imagination and have no basis in fact…but then again, you never know…

Top 10 Reasons Why the New PS3 DualShock 3 Controller costs so much

10. Kaz Hirai wants a raise and can’t think of a better way than to skim the profits.
9. Sony misplaced the decimal point and the price actually is supposed to be $5.49
8 The Sony marketing guys said, "We always have to be the most expensive!"
7. The DualShock 3 is powered by a miniature nuclear power plant.
6. Sony made a mistake and made the controller case out of carbon fiber.
5. The buttons on the controller are actually black diamonds.
4. It costs $5 to make. The other $49 goes to pay for executive perks like Xbox 360 Elites.
3. The PS3 DualShock 3 also can be used as a cool deep-sea fishing lure.
2. The high price offsets the recent price reductions of the PS3 models.
1. Sony said, "Where else can they go buy one? Bwahahahaha!"


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