Trade in your HD DVD for a Blu-ray and free movies

We Win Sony has brought the spoils of war to Switzerland. It’s amazing how winning a format war can make you do crazy things, like giving away money. For a limited time, everyone living in Switzerland can get 200 Franc (190 USD) off the purchase of either the BDP-S500 or BDP-S300 Blu-ray player.

There is only one catch, you have to trade in your HD DVD player for Sony to "recycle." There are some exclusions of course. The Xbox 360 HD DVD player and all computer HD DVD disc drives (what would that be, HD DVDDD?) are not eligible for this refund. You’ll also have to have your receipt and proof of purchase. Ok, so that’s more like 3 catches. But I’m sure there’s at least one guy in Switzerland with OCD that has all that.

If 200 Franc isn’t enough to make you get rid of your obsolete hardware, Sony is also throwing in both the Spider-man and Pirates of the Caribbean trilogies on Blu-ray. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I wonder what Sony is going to do with those HD DVD players. Do you think the employees will take turns hitting each one with a baseball bat in a clearing, like in Office Space? Are they going to dig a mass grave and bury them all in the desert like a certain game cart? Or are they just going to replace the optical drives inside and sell them as Blu-ray novelty items?

[via Engadget]


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