Tri-Layer HD-DVD Player On the Horizon

Memory-Tech and Toshiba have announced an optical disk player that will be able to create a three-layer bed of information on a DVD disk that would allow users to play regular DVDs on present gen players or HD-DVD content on the next gen line of DVD machines.

According to Digital Trends, “In theory, the disk could make it possible for movie studios and other content providers to create a single disk which would operate in standard DVD players as well as provide high-definition content to consumers with HD DVD players, eliminating consumer confusion over which format they need, and enabling not-so-early adopters to purchase media which will work on high-definition systems in the future.”

What this will also mean is a hybrid disk that could theoretically carry a standard DVD movie, a HD-DVD version, and even the possibility of a video game, all incorporated onto one disk. While there is no indication that Microsoft,s Xbox 360 will utilize this strategy, the possibility for the 3-in-1 disk carries a very attractive collaboration between the movie studios and game publishers. Movies could be released with tie-in games on the same disk. In as far as Microsoft,s plans are concerned, their commitment to HD-DVD technology is certainly a plus for the company if the new drive becomes successful in gaining a lead over Sony,s rival Blu-ray next gen DVD technology.

The tri-layer optical disk is expected to ship sometime next year.


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