True or False? No PC Gears content port to 360?

According to AMN, Epic Games’ VP, Mark Rein, stated that the new content featured on the Gears of War PC demo during last week’s E3 Press Conference is ‘unlikely’ to appear as downlodable content for the Xbox 360 Marketplace. He added, "I don’t want fans hopes up…"

Is this a good or bad move for the developer?

Clifford Bleszinski (aka Cliffy B, lead designer of the blockbuster hit "Gears of War"), said the new content was for real, "If we didn’t have any exclusives on the PC, why would anybody have the PC version?" The comments were picked up during the E3 convention last week.

After being pressed further about the matter, Cliffy B. replied by saying that the fate of the new chapters on the 360 is still ‘’to be determined’; still a ray of hope for Xbox 360 hopefuls.

Since Gears of Wars’ release, Epic Games promised us some of the best downloadable content from the Marketplace ever. While they have held true to that oath up to this point, it’s still disheartening to see the developer stray away from the 360 consumer base, especially after the millions of purchases of the 360 version. You just don’t want that many people to be left in the dark.

The five campaign chapters included in the PC "expansion" will help the game’s replay value when released — a major complaint when the 360 game first hit the Xbox. Besides the added longevity, the PC version will also feature a "new" boss — the Brumak that was revealed at the end of Act 4. In the demo, this fight was featured extensively.

Sad to see the PC folk receive the meat of the Xbox 360’s exclusive tease. As a devoted 360 owner, and not possesing any decent PC equipment, I sure as hell want to fight that Brumak on my white box just as much as any other Gears of War consumer does.


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