Two new Dreamcast games on the way, what?!

dreamcastDespite being officially discontinued over six years ago, Sega Direct still offers several Dreamcast games for sale. Now, while that may pique the interest for diehard Dreamcast fans, the idea of picking up old games may be an old habit. So how about some new games to wet the appetite?

You’re in luck, since unofficial Dreamcast games publisher RedSpotGames will be announcing two new Dreamcast titles during this week’s Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. RedSpotGames became notorious for a recently released game called Last Hope back in January, which is an unlicensed Dreamcast game.

The first one, titled Dalforce, will be more in-line with Last Hope; it’ll be a vertical-scrolling shoot ’em up game. Dalforce will feature 11 levels and a 4 player mode. The second game, titled Wind and Water Puzzles Battles, will be a port of the GP2X game of the same name. The Dreamcast port will feature a 4 player mode and new characters.

So is the sign of a Dreamcast resurrection? Depends, Last Hope wasn’t really that heck of a game, so unless these new games are pretty good, the Dreamcast may still be taking the dirt nap.

[Via Arcade Renaissance]


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