Ubisoft scores $13.2 million over Bratz lawsuit

bratzWhen your little sister first got a hold of her Bratz dolls, you probably figured, "How lame." But as it turns out, the toys were a mega hit and they spawned some very successful video games published by Ubisoft. But as they say, the plot thickens. 

Ubisoft signed an agreement with MGA Entertainment to produce the Bratz line of games but after the dolls started to take off in popularity, MGA decided to try to end their contract–most likely due to seeing the big money being generated by the suddenly popular video games.

MGA broke its agreement and left Ubisoft in the dust but not after the game company filed a lawsuit against MGA for breach of contract. Long story short–MGA lost and now owes Ubisoft $13.2 million.

The court decision rejected all of MGA’s claims and awarded the money to Ubisoft to pay for lost profits, interest and the cost for attorney fees.

[via businesswire]


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