UK Wants a PlayStation 3 Price Cut too!

PlayStation 3 Price CutWith the aftermath of the US and Japan PlayStation 3 price drop, the UK is now asking, "What about us?" In an article posted by MCV, the United Kingdom is now itching to get a price cut for their own market before the popular holiday season rolls around.

"Duncan Cross, head of games at supermarket giant Asda, strongly believes that the Sony console needs a helping hand to fulfill its potential.

"I think for us and for Asda’s customers there’s no doubt that we’d like to have seen some price movement on PS3," he told MCV. "The US have got a cut and we’ve got the games bundle but it’s just not the same. I think the console needs an extra something to really get it up to full speed," reported MCV.

Price has always been the problem with the PlayStation 3. The console just costs too much for the average consumer to purchase on a whim, especially if that consumer does not play games on a regular basis. It’s telling that the PlayStation 3 numbers have increased significantly since the price drop here in the states, but one has to ask if we really did get a price drop at all.

The fact that the price drop was effectively a clearance sale could be the reason the UK won’t be seeing a price cut anytime soon. If Sony had decided to reduce the price by a hundred dollars and keep the 60GB SKU in production, the UK might be facing a different outcome.


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