(Update) Rumor: major Xbox 360 game canceled?

alanwake1UP’s latest podcast and a follow-up thread on GameTrailers’ forum revealed a rumor saying that Microsoft has canceled one of its major first-party Xbox 360 games and a major executive will be stepping down.

As expected, a bunch of rumors are currently being flung around concerning which game got the axe. One game that’s been ruled out though was Alan Wake because it’s not a first-party game; Remedy Entertainment owns the game’s IP. Another rumored game was Fable 2, but two Lionhead developers posted comments saying the game hasn’t been canceled.

One game that’s being whispered as the canceled game is Banjo-Kazooie 3 considering that we haven’t heard much about it lately. Thankfully, Rare confirmed with GamesIndustry.biz that the game hasn’t been canceled.

Another game could be Silicon Knights’ Too Human. The developer has been involved with a pretty public lawsuit with Epic Games lately, but I certainly don’t want to see the game canceled; let alone any game cancelled at all.

You can judge for yourself, the brief conversation took place between EGM editor Shane Bettenhausen and 1UP Network VP of Content Simon Cox.

"Shane: I won’t go into exacting detail because they haven’t been confirmed and are swirling around, but will probably break next week so I’ll give you a preview of what you might be seeing next week. There is a big MS 1st party title that has been in the works for a very long time and that people are very excited for, sounds like it’s being canceled.

Simon: How solid are these rumors?

Shane: I would give these rumors a 97% chance."


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