US Air Force buying truckloads of PS3s

AmericaApparently all that noise Sony was making about the PS3 being mindbogglingly powerful wasn’t just hot air, according to a request filed by the United States Air Force.

The USAF trying to arrange a deal with Sony to supply 300 Playstation 3 consoles. The 40gb model no less. (Apparently the Air Force’s research doesn’t involve backward compatibility.)

The filing leads one to believe that the Air Force isn’t interested in gaming necessarily, but rather the Cell Processor that lies within. They must believe it has some kind of super human power if they’re so interested as to buy 300. The number 300 is a little bit odd though, can’t they share?

My guess is that they’re reasearching stress levels for the Cell and they are expecting many of them to break.

They cite the reason for purchasing the PS3 as that it is the only product currently available that uses the cell chip. For those interested, the document clearly states that they don’t want any sort of deals on pricing, but insist on buying it at the retail pricing.

[via FBO]


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