Users livid over delay of Resistance map pack

resistanceGreg Philips, the Line Producer for Resistance: Fall of Man, had some bad news for the hundreds of thousands of fans waiting for the new map packs. They were promised for May 31, but as of now, have still not been released due to technical problems with the servers and other issues.

Philips explained the situation this way on the Playstation forums:

"…I have some unfortunate news to share. During our final testing of the global server…a few last minute issues have come up. Despite some extremely long hours by all those involved, the unfortunate fact remains that we cannot resolve these issues prior to our announced launch date.

And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, neither SCEA nor Insomniac wants to release something to our ever-growing community which will impede the experience…"

Forum members, for the most part, were not impressed nor moved by the explanation – except to anger. OntheDL expressed the typical reaction to the news by saying:

"Wow….I’m so pissed right now. What a bunch of idiots. I’ll tell ya what Sony, don’t give us another release date. Get your sh*t done, and then get it out to us. Fast.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Finish it and get [it] in on the [PlayStation] store, even if its not a Thursday. I’m really getting sick of waiting. Before I had no problem paying the $8, now it just angers me. Some kind of price reduction would be nice for putting everybody through all the bullsh*t. DON’T GIVE US A DATE UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!"

There seems to be a lot of resistance regarding the late map packs for Resistance, so to speak.

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