Using a Wiimote with your XBox 360

Through no small feat of software, hardware, and firmware programming, a blogger by the name of OBsIV has produced a functional system allowing him to control his XBox 360 with a Wiimote, dubbed XIM, or XBox 360 Input Machine. Here’s the video he posted, walking through the systems features:

The system OBsIV has designed doesn’t directly connect the Wiimote to the 360, but rather, through a series of intermediaries, maps the Wiimote actions to XBox 360 controls. The Wiimote signal is intercepted by a small PC with the Wii drivers installed. Then, a fully custom piece of hardware OBsIV programmed interfaces with the PC, accepts the Wiimote movement information and translates it to PS2 output. Once the output is in this form, a commercially available kit designed to allow the use of custom controllers on the 360 converts the signal to a format that the XBox can easily use. The result is the video above. Although the legality of sales of a system of this sort is questionable, something needs to happen with this in the future. Having seen the video, the demand MUST be there. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this in future. Great job OBsIV!


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