Valve goes back on its word on TF2

team fortress 2 heavyLast week, Valve made an offer to fans waiting for Team Fortress 2’s release: Pre-order The Orange Box (The combination of Half-life 2, Episode One, Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Portal and 10 levels of Peggle Extreme) and you will get access to the Team Fortress 2 Beta on September 17th, yesterday.

Come September 17, and no dice. Valve has however been known to delay purchases, and leave customers hanging with locked preloads, so the people still had hope.

But, as the day wore on and still no beta, that hope began to die. This wouldn’t be so bad, granted that companies are allowed to release a beta whenever they want, but remember that they coerced customers to preorder, and failed to deliver the goods.

Don’t you think you’ve kept fans waiting long enough Valve? I was 12 years old when I was promised Team Fortress 2. Ten years later, and you’re still dangling the carrot in front of my nose? You’re sick. For once in your life have mercy Valve!




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