Valve working on TF2 Xbox Live lag

tf2heavyguyIf you’ve been experiencing lag on Xbox Live while playing Team Fortress 2, don’t worry because Valve is working on fixes. Unfortunately, the fixes won’t be released for a few more days; they’re predicting "either sometime this weekend or early next week".

While patches for console games take a little longer, playing a multiplayer game with lag is not an easy picnic. Hopefully these woes don’t drive any players away from TF2 because the game is incredibly fun. Considering Valve has plenty of networking experience with PCs, there appears to be no issues with the PC version.

Interestingly enough, GamerNode saw this same bug occur in TF2 during our live demo time at EA’s game showcase event last month. Evidently, the bug was not fixed even at that late stage and TF2 was released with the live bug anyway. Welcome to the world of patches, 360 fans.

In related news, Valve’s staff will be online on Friday from 5PM to 9PM CDT to take on the willing Xbox Live TF2 crowd. So if you’re ready for a slaughter, take down the following Xbox Live tags and hope for the best!

1. gamewithdev1 (Matt W. – Level Designer)
2. ValveArtist1 (Matthew S. – Artist)
3. ValveAnim (Matthew R. – Animator)
4. ValveProg1 (Vitaliy – Programmer)
5. ValveProg2 (Adrian – Programmer)
6. ValveProg3 (Kerry – Programmer)
7. ValveProg4 (Robin – Programmer)
8. ValveProg5 (Jim – Programmer)
9. ValveLevelDes2 (Dave – Level Designer)
10. ValveArtist2 (Nick – Artist)
11. ValveLevelDes3 (Scott – Level Designer)
12. ValveProg6 (David – Programmer)
13. ValveWriter (Chet – Writer)

(with additional reporting by Frank Ling)

[Via 1UP]


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