Vista SP1 put to the gaming test

Vista SP1Microsoft have really been pushing Vista as the OS of choice for gamers, but benchmark after benchmark after benchmark show that XP still runs the majority of games available at a higher FPS rate on identical hardware.

With the release of Service Pack 1 for Vista, many are hoping that the performance of games on the system will improve and it looks like they may be in luck.

ExtremeTech ran some test comparing games running on vanilla Vista, Vista with key hotfixes and Vista with Service Pack 1, and the results, while mixed, are looking very good. From the graphs below you can see that in some cases there is quite a large jump in performance, even at higher resolutions.

Will all this good news entice PC gamers to finally give Vista a go? Considering all the negative press and reports regarding Vista, it is going to be an uphill sell for Microsoft. But with these nice numbers, it may just be the push that Vista needs to convince more gamers to jump on the bandwagon. Feast your eyes on the charts and make up your own mind. 

CoH results

WiC results

Crysis results

Unfortunately, some games like Sup Com don’t benefit from the Service Pack, with performance being almost the same as Vista in every resolution!

Sup Com results

So unless you are a die hard Sup Com player Service Pack 1 for Vista is looking like a great choice for gamers.

[via ExtremeTech]


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