Volition says Saints Row 2 can compete with GTA IV

saintsrow2During its official unveiling in London, Greg Donovan, producer at Volition, made comments regarding how Saints Row 2 can compete with Rockstar’s upcoming GTA IV. One of the big deciding factors between the two games will be the implementation of co-op gameplay.

Regarding co-op, Donovan believes that co-op gameplay will be "a plus for us," but doesn’t believe that Rockstar is holding anything back. Donovan confirmed that Saints Row 2 will continue expanding the co-op gameplay featured in the first game.

"I think co-op is a huge distinguishing factor. Unless they are really holding something, I don’t think they are. I think that’s a big step, a plus for us. We also remember that Saints Row 1 was the first one to do competitive multi play – we’re going to continue to blow that out as well."

When comparing the two games together, Donovan said GTA IV is aiming for a more realistic direction while Saints Row 2 is more for the over-the-top, memorable moments.

"The only thing I know about GTA is what I’ve read. From what I’ve read it seems like they’re going in a more realistic direction. For us it’s more about almost a hyper-realistic quality, over-the-top, all about these memorable moments, very compelling gameplay and frankly we wouldn’t be releasing this year if we didn’t think it would be competitive."

Saints Row 2 is expected later this year for Xbox 360 and PS3, while GTA IV is confirmed for April 29th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Via VideoGamer]


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