Wal-Mart has Xbox 360 Cyber Monday bundles for you

cyber mondayThere’s a group of people out there who absolutely hate Wal-Mart. They believe that Wal-Mart is responsible for the death of millions of baby seals, global warming, and the enslavement of the elderly population and will do anything to not only avoid buying from them, but to stop "The Man".

Well Anit-Wal-Martians, they’re coming out with a deal that might have you putting on that hooded sweatshirt and buying an Xbox 360 without making any eye contact… or you could just shop anonymously online.

Walmart.com began offering a Cyber Monday special for online shoppers. It includes an Xbox 360 Premium, an extra controller, three games, and a cute little messenger bag for under $400.

That’s a deal worth breaking a hunger strike for. This could be Microsoft’s response to the PlayStation 3’s recent price drop success that has been bringing its numbers up drastically.

With things so competitive between the 360, PS3, and Wii, expect to see some more crazy deals as the holiday season closes in, and prepare to reap some huge benefits.


via [punchjump]


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