Wallace and Gromit get the Sam and Max treatment

W&GTelltale Games loves them animated comedy duo’s. Best known for their episodic hit Sam and Max, Telltale is attempting to bring some of their Sam and Max magic to the Wallace and Gromit universe.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wallace and or Gromit, I direct you here. For those too lazy to click that link and read, I have embedded a clip from the official Wallace and Gromit site. I’m a big fan of those two and I can’t think of a company more suited to make a game based on that universe.

That the game is going to be released in episodes both excites me and lets me down. It means both more gameplay and more waiting at the same time. Because while I can do long waits for things I want, I was not graced with the ability to wait and be teased and play and wait and wonder and wait and play and wait… etc.

Luckily Telltale seems to be the only company who actually understands what episodic means. Valve certainly doesn’t, releasing Half Life episodes that come out every few years.

That’s hardly episodic, at that point they should be considered extremely short sequels. Atari hasn’t quite gotten their head around the term either. Alone in the Dark was supposed to be episodic and then was released in its entirety on one disc. With Telltale at the helm you can be sure that at least the releases will be consistent. Things could be worse for that man and his dog.

I will be sure to keep my eye on this one and report in whenever news breaks.

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[via CVG]


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