WAR is coming this Sept. 18

warhammerIf you are as excited about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as I am, then you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the release date for the MMO six years in the making is right around the corner. EA finally announced that the game will laucnh worldwide on September 18th. Says Mythic Entertainment founder Mark Jackobs:

"The countdown has officially begun. Mark your calendars! September 18th is the Day of Reckoning. For the last three years, the entire team at Mythic has poured their hearts into making Warhammer Online the next great MMORPG. We are so excited to open up this world and share it with the fans that will live in it, quest in it, go to war in it and make it come alive."

The game will launch its North American, European, and Oceanic servers simultaneously, a MMORPG first. Subscription options include: $14.99 for a month subscription, $41.97 for a three-month subscription and $77.94 for a six-month subscription. An open beta for the game begins on August 15th.

"The Open Beta will be level-capped and content-restricted. You will be allowed to choose any of the game’s 20 unique careers and advance through rank 20. You will also be free to explore and battle across Tiers 1 and 2 of each army’s homeland. Please note that any characters created during the Open Beta will NOT carry over into the live game as they will be wiped from the servers."

Stay tuned to GamerNode for all of your Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning news, impressions, and staff bloggings as we dive into a world where war is everywhere!

[via Warhammer Online]


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