Warhammer vs. World of Warcraft

WarhammerIt’s a foregone conclusion that World of Warcraft is the king of MMORPGs. EA Mythic is going to try to get a piece of this lucrative action in the online gaming world and is attempting to do this with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

But WAR is going after a broader audience by offering new game play features. But according to Attaba Rahim, product manager for Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, their intention isn’t to kick WoW’s "arse."

"…our goal is not to kick WoW’s arse but to deliver the best MMO ever. With Warhammer Online, we will bring new, fresh, funny things that players will embrace (we hope)."

Rahim continued, "It’s more about an evolution as players want something different but with some familiar elements."

Judging from the huge numbers of War or Warcraft players around the world, (over 8 million), EA Mythic doesn’t have to worry about kicking WoW’s arse. If they can even get a decent amount of business with their game, that alone would be quite an accomplishment in a world dominated by WoW gamers.

[Via CVG]


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