WarHawk needs 800MB on PS3 even with disk version

WarhawkWarHawk has just launched and for many PlayStation 3 owners, it is the next big multiplayer game for their system. Without a doubt, WarHawk will be the title Sony fans will be playing this holiday season, and beyond, if they want to satisfy their competitive drive.

WarHawk is unique. It is the first game to give gamers the option to either download the entire game from PSN, or buy a hard copy from the store. The downloadable version costs twenty dollars less, coming in at forty while the hard copy version is going to cost gamers the typical sixty dollars. Naturally, there are incentives to purchase the sixty dollar version. In addition to the WarHawk disk, gamers also receive a Bluetooth headset.

The biggest selling point for the hard copy version of WarHawk is it doesn’t take up any space on the harddrive. Even 60 to 80GBs of storage will, at some point, fill up. The whole idea of buying the hard copy of any game is that you’re saving harddrive space.

Not so with the full disc version of WarHawk.

Even though it won’t take up nearly as much space as the downloadable game, the hard copy of WarHawk will still require 800MB of storage, reports PSU.

Why? The reason is faster loading times. No one wants to sit and wait for a game to load. And one can imagine, a game like WarHawk would take a long time to get going if it wasn’t allowed to cache some of the data onto the PlayStation 3’s HDD.

This isn’t a huge negative against WarHawk, but those thinking they were saving their precious harddrive space may be in for a rude awakening.


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