Wario Land Shake shakes it on Wii

Yesterday, Nintendo announced several new entries in some of their established franchises including a new Rythm Tengoku game (an awesome music game released only in Japan).

Probably the best piece of news, however, was the announcement of a new Wario Land game for the Wii titled "Wario Land Shake" which is obviously a reference to the Wii’s motion-sensing capabilities. No initial details were revealed, but a Babelfish translation of the text on Nintendo’s website yielded some interesting results.

"As for the head title 7/24Wii "[wariorandoshieiku]"
After a long time, seeing, touching, it was the pleasant [do] lively action game.
It shakes remote control and/or it can tilt something occurs it is.
And method of entering to the movement and the earth tube which [wario] seem made [niyari] unintentionally."

Um, yeah. Extrapolate from that what you will. The only thing I can make from that is that the game will use motion-sensing but that’s a given for every Wii game.

A few hours after the initial announcement, screenshots were revealed. They’re tiny and like the Babelfish translation, you can’t pull very many details from them. However, these shots do tell us that the game will be a 2D side-scroller (although there might be 3D portions but that’s speculation right now). This is interesting because you’d think Nintendo would put a 2D game on the DS or perhaps on their new WiiWare service. No, instead Nintendo is developing Wario Land Shake as a $50 retail game.

We don’t know much about this game but you can bet I’m extremely excited to learn more. Hopefully more information will be divulged soon.

[via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]


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