Warmonger explodes on Oct. 16th for free!

warmongerIt looks like NetDevil is trying to butter us up by releasing free "games" that advertise products — in this case it’s the AGEIA PhysX processor. First it was CellFactor: Revolution. The next game is Warmonger and it’s coming to us on October 16th. It’s an online FPS and will include five weapons and six levels.

Prepare your eyes because Warmonger will use the spiffy and popular Unreal Engine 3. NetDevil is going all out with the AGEIA processor so physics technology will be emphasized. So expect things like dynamic destructible terrain and advanced vehicle combat; hopefully Warmonger can showcase these well.

Chris Sherland, lead producer on Warmonger, said, "Warmonger offers a unique environment for fans of FPS games, where no place is safe, and seeking cover is a challenge rather than a given. Test sessions leave a player with strong emotional reaction to this… it’s downright scary to play!"

Detailed features include:

"Key features: Players have a choice of five different weapons, including a grenade firing assault rifle, an RPG launcher, a shielded and mountable mini-gun and more.

There are six different maps including Sink or Swim, an underground staging area, The Approach, an old western "showdown", Knee Deep, an abandoned shopping center, Black Adit, an abandoned subway station, Car Collector, a wrecked parking garage, and Needle’s Eye, an old industrial sector."


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