We Love Golf! Review

We Love Golf! Those must be the first words out of everyone’s mouth every morning at Camelot Software Planning, developers best known for their work on the Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf series, and now the driving force (I apologize for that pun. It just sort of happened.) behind We Love Golf! on the Nintendo Wii.

WLG is an arcade-style golf game in the same vein as the developers’ previous titles. It offers more depth than the super-casual Wii Sports Golf, with detailed swing meter controls, multiple play modes, a selection of distinct characters, and more, but doesn’t try to overwhelm players with too much regarding the finest intricacies of the game like a full-fledged simulation might.

Regardless of its relaxed approach to the game, WLG still packs a nice set of options. Up to four players can compete in Stroke or Match/Skins play, as well as a Near Pin Contest. A single player has the additional options of Tournament and Character Matches, where new courses and golfers are unlocked; Ring Shot and Target Golf, which require precision ball control and direction; and of course Training mode.

There is also an online component in WLG, where a solo player can get into a match either with a friend or with a complete stranger from anywhere around the world. The course will always be comprised of nine randomly selected holes during online play, however, so don’t expect to spend much time customizing your session. There will be no courses made up entirely of par threes or par fives; toss that idea right now.

With any sports game, a solid control scheme is of the utmost importance. Players must feel like they have proper command over the action, especially when manipulating that action with the Wii remote. WLG provides an adequate level of control, but could benefit from a few improvements. New players will be shooting birdies after a short learning period with the game’s swing meter, but sometimes the actual orientation of the remote goes undetected, leaving the club head cursor stalled on the meter and turning what should be a 200-yard blast into a 75-yard poke. Of course I can’t determine whether this is a shortcoming of the software or of the Wii itself, but in either case it is an evident issue.

Besides this gameplay hiccup and the insanely annoying, Wiimote-shaped, talking guide (which can thankfully be turned off), playing WLG turns out to be a simple and enjoyable experience. Players can align their targets from a number of angles, put draw or fade action on the ball’s travel path with a simple tilt of the remote, and apply topspin or backspin on any shot by holding down a button during their swing. Once you get into the game, a full course can go by in no time. That’s a good thing.

On the other hand, WLG’s visuals and audio are not impressive at all. It doesn’t necessarily detract from the raw gameplay, but it would’ve been nice to see a little eye candy or listen to some really great tunes while swinging away. To the game’s credit, the costumes of Jill Valentine, Chun-Li, Apollo Justice, and other Capcom characters are included as unlockable rewards, so at least the fanboy/girl inside of you will be happy.

You should be happy to play We Love Golf! It’s not phenomenal, but it’s not awful, either, and it does provide a measure of fun. If you’re looking for a Wii golf game without the PGA frills, WLG will do just fine.


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