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spider-manTwo days ago, during New York ComicCon, Activision and Marvel announced a new Spider-Man game coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and DS and PSP and PS2 and Wii and PC… I heard it will be coming out on the ColecoVision also). Shortly after the announcement a trailer popped up and the official site went live.

Going to the site and clicking on your region immediately loads up the trailer, which was slightly annoying but easy enough to stop. The whole site isn’t up yet, but there are two things to note. The first is a counter in the upper right. At the time of this writing it ends in about 9 days. It seems that is when the next trailer will be arriving… maybe.

What I find interesting about this game is that the community gets to decide what goes into it. The site actually says "Membership grants you complete control over the release of this all-new Spider-Man game." Community members will get to vote on things like where the next trailer will take place and what powers and villains will be in the game.

That’s a lot of control to be giving over to a bunch of fanboys. I assume this control is more ‘control.’ I mean Activision gets to decide your choices for the vote. Example: in the first one your options for where the next trailer takes place are Harlem, Midtown, or Downtown. I wanted the next trailer to take place in a subway station in Brooklyn, but I didn’t get that option.

By keeping the community involved, even a little (or a lot depending on how much say we have in choosing villains and powers) word will spread and people are more likely to pick up the game. I’m sure Activision hopes people will buy the game to see the things they voted on.

I’m hoping this game is good. I really really want a new, good, out of movie continuity Spider-Man game. I really wanted to like the Spider-Man 3 game, and movie, but unfortunately thinking of either one makes me want to hurl. I can only hope Activision looked at the actual gameplay and tried to fix it, and not the amount of cold hard cash money it brought in and decided to leave it. Too bad we can’t vote on that…

Everyone should do their civic duty and vote. Cause remember kids, if you don’t vote you can’t complain if the game is trash.





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