What Is WWE Brawl?

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What is WWE Brawl?

I’m going to break the normal news format here, because I’m not quite how else to report this but with an anecdote:

The video above popped up on my Facebook page last night, a friend of mine posted it and asked "Tell me what I just watched…" Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that, as I thought the video he posted was a REALLY ambitious (and fake) fan project. However, then I did some digging…

See, way back in April, the day before WWE Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta, the WWE held their annual Business Partners Summit to talk about their new initiatives. The keynote from that summit, in its entirety, can be watched here. If you skip the video to the 70:56 mark, Jim Connelly, WWE Senior VP of Consumer Products, talks about a brand new game, WWE Brawl. Connelly boasts of the game’s main theme: "No Ring. No Ref. No Rules." He talks about how the game will incorporate a free-for-all brawl-style combat system. He mentions that the game will have a "Saturday morning cartoon feel," as the wrestlers will have over-the-top superpowers and perform impossible moves. HE also says that it will be the first WWE game to appeal to both the "core WWE consumer" and non-WWE fans. Apparently the other WWE partners liked the idea of Brawl so much, it’s inspired a new toy line, apparel line, and even an animation series.

I have two questions here: one, when can we see more of Brawl, because it looks intense, and two, WHY THE HELL WASN’T MORE LIGHT BROUGHT TO THIS BACK IN APRIL?!

I’m anxiously awaiting more information on this new game, and I hope you now are too.


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