Which console has the lowest average game scores?

graphMatt Matthews over at Next-Gen decided to conduct an informal "study" to see just where the Wii stands against other game consoles as far as quality of games.

While the study is far from being scientific in nature, it may give us a glimpse as to just how the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii are doing in the arena of good games. Matthews did his research by averaging out all the game scores found on GameRankings for each respective machine.

After doing some number crunching it turns out that the PS3 had the highest game review average at 73%. The Xbox 360 games came in with an average review score of 70% with the Wii bringing up the rear with a low average score of 64%.

On the surface it seems that Nintendo’s console is suffering and that truly good titles seem to be lacking in the Wii library. However in spite of the relatively low scores clocking in for Wii games, this hasn’t slowed down the popularity of the machine. (The number of titles for each game console was not taken into consideration.)

If Wii games are truly scoring lower in review scores but Wiis are still selling at phenomenal rates, the general public may have entirely different ideas about what makes a good game. Either that or Wii Sports is selling more Wiis than anyone has previously thought.

[via next-gen]

Graphs courtesy of Next-Gen



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