Why the PS3 was made that way. Sony tells all

plansSometimes there is more to designing a console then the internal hardware. While the engine under the hood is ultimately the most important part of any console, one can’t argue against the claim that the look and feel of a console is important to some degree.

But what goes into the design process for the equivalent of a gaming-focused PC? Turns out a good deal of thought and preparation are put into the visual design of a console; especially when the PlayStation 3 is considered.

"The controller for PLAYSTATION®3 became wireless, making the system much simpler to use. Turning the system on and off can be done from the wireless controller. If the system is connected to TV, it is not necessary to place it next to the TV.

"Because it is not necessary to touch the controls to operate the system, it can be placed anywhere in a living room. Since all PLAYSTATION®3 have internal hard disk drives, we were able to hide the media slots from view. We designed PLAYSTATION®3 so that users can place it and use it as freely as they wish.

"When we designed the machine, we considered high-rise buildings, vases, and other objects that have a strong physical presence and appear, sleek and new. Based on these images, we drew numerous sketches and made many mock-ups until we ended up with the present design.

"But there are great responsibilities, too. For example, a seemingly minor problem with a button would actually be a major issue, since the shipment quantity is enormous. Take the original PlayStation®, for example. It was designed to be rugged enough that, even when children sat on it, it would not be damaged. I think it is a designer’s job to create easy-to-use, long-lasting, and beautifully shaped devices, notwithstanding such restrictions."

The whole article is an incredibly interesting read. Those who want to full story can head over to PlayStation.com to read the interview by Teiyu Goto.

Personally, I never tested the PSOne to see if it broke after allowing a child to sit on it, or thought about why Sony made the PlayStation 3 as big as it is. One has to wonder if Microsoft, or Nintendo will release similar articles like this, since any insight to the world of console creation is a welcome, if not fascinating, one.

[Via PS3 Center]


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