Wii Fit flops in Japan. Gamers quit after buying

wii fitOne of the reasons health clubs stay in business is by signing up people to yearly contracts.

What they know and the general public doesn’t know is that a great majority of people who do sign up only attend about 57 days out of the full year while some drop out completely, thus affording more space in the gym for more people to sign up and fail to show.

It seems that Wii Fit, at least in Japan, is taking on similar characteristics in consumer behavior. According to ITMeida of Japan, a poll was taken by a group of 1000 gamers that showed a staggering amount of people not using the Wii Fit game shortly after purchase.

The question presented to the gamers was:

Do you use Wii Fit faithfully everyday?

– 22% – I record my progress faithfully everyday
– 6% – Maybe once every two or three days
– 6% – Once a week
– 64% – Stopped using after purchase

With over half of the respondents (64%) indicating that Wii Fit started to gather dust after purchase, the survey seems to substantiate studies which show that people who sign up to health clubs overestimate how much time they will really dedicate in exercising. In this case, it seems to also hold true for Wii Fit.

No doubt, there will be a plentiful supply of used Wii Fit games flooding the market if this trend keeps up. If you are interested in buying this game, it might make sense to buy it at the used- discounted rate…that is, if you really plan to use it regularly.

[via nintendoeverything]


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