Wii is one year old and still going strong

silver wiiLast year, Nintendo’s Wii was released upon the world and gaming, for many millions of people, has never been the same since. The Wii celebrated its one year birthday and Reggie Fils-Aime had a lot of crowing to do during this auspicious occasion. 

Since the debut of the Wii, the cute little game console seems to be in a state of constant shortage. Fils-Aime said, "We can sell every single unit that we put into the pipeline, from a distribution standpoint. For us, it really is all about maximizing where we put those units on a worldwide basis."

This Christmas doesn’t seem to be looking too good for potential Wii buyers as the supply line is already reported to be drying up like spilt water on the Sahara Desert.

Fils-Aime continued by saying, "Right now, there is no competition for us using this similar technology," in reference to the motion sensing ability of the WiiMote.

The president of Nintendo America thinks that the Wii is recession proof as well. "Consumers look at our products as small luxuries that they can take home and enjoy with the entire family, and so, while we’re concerned, we think that we’re well poised to have a strong holiday season, as well as a strong 2008."

With the PS3 on the come back trail and the contintued popularity of the Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii maybe heading for a more serious faceoff than in 2006. Will it’s huge sales continue? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

[via cnbc]


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