Wii price cut for the holidays? Nintendo says…

shoppersIf you were hoping for a nice price reduction for the Nintendo Wii this holiday shopping season—that is, if you can even find one, don’t hold your breath because there won’t be one, according to Nintendo’s Phil Harrison.

He said bluntly, "We’ll stay at $249 for the foreseeable future. We are still selling everything we can make. We think we’re in a great position. Both our competitors took price reductions and it hasn’t stalled our momentum at all."

Gee, thanks Phil. We’ll remember that the next time we pass the Wii game aisle and pick up a 360 or PS3 game instead.

But seriously, economics rule and if you’ve got a hot seller on your hands with people literally clawing their way through to get one, there’s really no need to “boost” sales by offering a price reduction, as Harrison so skillfully alluded to in his comments about Microsoft and Sony.

As far as the Wii shortages, Harrison said, "The goal is to try to have reasonably steady production over the course of the year. Suppliers don’t want to shut down and do nothing in the early part of year."

Nintendo is expecting to make 16.5 million Wiis by next March which just goes to show you that a game console with a low price and high game play value will be a winner.

Anybody in the console manufacturing business listening out there?

[via Reuters]


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