Will Guitar Hero guitars work with Rock Band?

guitarI’m all about saving a buck. With a hefty $200 price tag for the full Rock Band package, I’m sure you’re all trying to find a way to save an extra dollar or pound somehow. The most obvious route is reusing those guitars you’ve beat to hell from all the Guitar Hero games.

The concept is the same… no it is literally the exact same. Don’t forget, Harmonix came up with the whole idea of colorful buttoned guitars. So why wouldn’t it work? You can never be too sure, so why not ask Harmonix?

Ars Technica’s Ben Kuchera tried, and got the same cut and paste response to every question about guitars:

"Harmonix has an open platform philosophy and their games will be compatible with third party controllers that conform to the various platform controller standards."

I love ambiguous answers.


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