Will Halo 3 green-light Halo movie again?

halo3chiefSo is everyone and their mothers planning to pick up Halo 3 this week? After garnering some critical buzz, including from our own editor-in-chief Brendon, people are beginning to raise their eyebrows again regarding the delayed Halo movie.

According to some comments from Brian Jarrard, franchising lead at Bungie, to Reuters, he painted the light on the movie to a greener tone, not to match Master Chief’s suit but that all the Halo 3 buzz may green-light the Halo movie again. We’ve hinted at this before, too.

Jarrard said, "I think the Halo 3 hoopla… is creating a lot more interest in Hollywood and people are not just dismissing it as another losing video game adaptation. I am pretty confident that we will have more people coming around talking about the movie."

Finishing up, Jarrard hinted that if they wanted, Bungie/Microsoft could have cranked out a Halo movie but decided to put the film on the shelf and focus on more important things. My guess is Halo 3 won out in the end.

"Once there started to be some turmoil, I’m thankful it [the Halo movie] did get the cut. We’d rather have the right movie made with the right partner at the right time rather than crank something out. It’s a matter of when, not if."

I’m still maintaining my position that no matter when a Halo movie comes to the big screen, it’ll be huge. Halo is becoming a household name in the non-gaming world and there’s no escaping it. Wherever I go, I’ve been hearing Halo 3 for the past few weeks around my school’s campus. Considering Halo is a big college-friendly game, I have a feeling there may be a few empty seats in classes come Tuesday.


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